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Your benefits as a Blindmate Ambassador

20€ per hour – or more!

We believe in fair pay and make sure pay is good: we pay 20€ per hour for promoting Blindmate. And if you’re doing well, expect a raise after a month 💪

The easiest promo job on the planet: a free app that people love.

Talking people into switching internet providers is a pain. But how about pitching people a free app with 4.8 stars on the stores?

Jokes aside, people love Blindmate so you’ll have tons of fun talking to and meeting new users!

Full flexibility

You decide how much time you'd like to dedicate, be it 5 hours per week or 20! When and where – also up to you. We’ll make sure this jobs fits into your life (and not the other way round).

Merch, swag, and career-boosting-communication-skills

Free merchandise is on us so you get to wear our swag whilst connecting with others, building your network, and soft skills!

Track your progress in real time!

Once you join as Ambassador, a new tab will pop up in your Blindmate app. The Ambassador tab gives you a real-time view of the people you’ve acquired – and the money you’ve made!

Your job

Your job: Bring new users on board!

How you do it is up to you: hit the streets and talk to groups of friends. Spread the word at your university. Get us onto Tagesschau. Rent a plane and write Blindmate into the skies. Buy some ad space on moon. The world’s your oyster (and the moon, too). And in case you’re wondering: we also have a playbook with best practices waiting for you.

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Any questions?

Anyone above 18 can apply. Liking people and being good with words definitely helps – but is it necessary? Nah, not necessarily.

Pretty straightforward: bring friend-groups on board.

Typically you’d talk to small groups and ask them if they’ve heard of this new app where you can swipe for friends. From this point on, they usually bring themselves on board :D

As an Ambassador, you get a special Ambassador tab from where you can send special invites to people you want to refer without adding them to your friend list. You’ll see in real time where they stand in the signup process and can help them if they run into issues.

At the beginning, you’ll make 20€ / hour (that’s 430€ if you do 5h / week and 1720€ if you do 20h / week). If you’re doing well, you’ll get a raise after a few weeks – up to 30€ an hour, if you’re doing really well 🔥

Every friend-group counts. As soon as the user you’ve invited ads their first friend, that’s a successful referral!

Via bank transfer at the end of each month.

No. There’s currently no limit*, the more the better 🔥

*as of writing this, about 1 Billion friend groups should theoretically be referable.

As flexible as it gets! You can decide how much you want to work (between 5 and 20 hours a week). How you want to distribute the hours through the week is also up to you.

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