We’re here to make the dating world a better place!

We might not always succeed, but we’re trying real hard. And here’s our why and how:

We’re here to make people less lonely

More swiping doesn’t make us less lonely

Oh the irony: one would think that finding love is easier than ever today thanks to dating apps. At the same time, we’re facing a loneliness pandemic, a rise in anxiety, superficiality, and online harassment.

Technology should always adopt to the human – never the other way round!

Yes, we’re digital.
But we’re human, first!

With Blindmate, we introduce friends as matchmakers and translate the intuitive, deeply social way of connecting into the digital age.

Yes, we are another dating app. But knowing that there’s a group of friends behind every profile leads to a fundamentally different experience of trust and authenticity in our community.

Nobody should be judged in the blink of an eye.

We can’t judge a human
being in a second.
So we shouldn’t.

Many dating apps encourage us to swipe quickly, dismissing potential matches over minor flaws like hair color or height, in search of something better. But even if we recognize how shallow this is and the negative impact it has on our ego, view of humanity, and mental health – it’s too hard to resist.

So to this day, one of our favourite quotes on Blindmate comes from the OG Blindmate couple’s Paulina: “yeah, I’d probably have noped Thomas because he’s blonde and I’m totally into dark haired guys. But my friends matched us and I figured out he was cool before I figured out he was blonde.” That’s that.

So many more reasons

We’re horrible at posting stuff regularly, but check out our blog for anecdotes, epiphanies, and actual insights about what we are doing and why!

Love, the Blindmate Crew

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